Common Fallacies about Bisexuality

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Is bisexuality a phase? Are these people just closeted gays and lesbians? What is the meaning of bisexuality, to begin with? We’ll try to find the answers to those questions and more. Also, we’ll try to combat fallacies with facts and present you with what bisexuality truly is.

Fallacy: Bisexuality Is Just a Phase

One of the biggest bisexual myths is that being bisexual is just a phase. This isn’t a middle ground between being gay and straight. Also, being bi doesn’t mean you’ll eventually “turn” gay or lesbian. 

Many people do find themselves questioning their sexuality but are insecure about fully embracing who they are. That’s why they often say they’re bisexual or figuring themselves out. Swapping between sexual orientations is what brings people to believe that bisexuality is not only a phase but people trying to dip their toes in all possible waters for no reason too. 

Fact: Bisexuality Is Real

However, wanting to bang everyone is not what bisexuality is at all. In fact, the meaning of the term “bisexual” is being attracted to people of all genders. To bisexuals, the gender of the person doesn’t matter at all.

People live their entire lives being bisexual. No, they never just pick a gender or decide that they might be straight after all. You can’t choose who you feel attraction towards. Being judgmental to people who identify as bisexual harms them in more ways than you can imagine.  

Fallacy: Bisexuals Are Gays/Lesbians

Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community can mean a lot of things. People identify with all kinds of sexualities. That means that there is so much more to being a part of this community than being gay or lesbian. 

These two sexual identities are the most prominent. That’s why people always try to equalize everything else with them. However, not everything can be so simplified as liking someone of your own gender. People usually assume that bisexuals are hidden gays/lesbians, just waiting for an opportunity to accept themselves and come out.

Fact: Bisexuality Is a Legitimate Sexual Orientation

Thinking that bisexuals are just gay/lesbian wolves in bisexual sheep clothing cannot be more wrong. Identifying as bisexual is, as we already know by now, both legitimate and valid. People are naturally fluid in all things we do, and so are our sexualities. Or they can be, at least.

Finding out you might be fully gay after thinking you’re bisexual is quite simple, and it means exactly that — nothing more, nothing less. Again, that doesn’t always happen because bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation on its own.

Fallacy: Bisexual Means Having Current Lovers of Both Sexes

We’re not exactly sure where this is coming from, but we’ll assume it’s from the meaning of bi, specifically the bi couple meaning. So, the gist behind a bi couple’s isn’t that difficult to guess. However, it seems that it has multiple meanings to multiple people. 

Folks all around the world think that being a bi couple means being a throuple. For you, a bisexual, this means having two partners of each sex. That’s only natural because you’re attracted to both, right? Well, at least that’s what people think is going on here.

Fact: Not All the Time

While having two partners every time you enter a relationship sounds fun, it isn’t at all what happens when you identify as bisexual. You can have a singular partner of either sex, while it’s rare to see anything else happening. 

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Not every person in the world is monogamous. Polygamy is a real thing people believe in, and they act in accordance with those beliefs. That means that you can have more than one partner at a time. If you’re bisexual, this is definitely a winning situation.

Fallacy: Bisexual Women Will Always Leave Their Lesbian Lovers For Men

Since society is so patriarchal, it’s almost impossible to imagine that a woman doesn’t need a man. So, when she does have a lesbian lover, it’s only right that she would leave her for a man. This rings true particularly for bisexual women since they want to get the best of both worlds — or so people think. 

Bisexual women get to choose who they like more, as all bisexuals do. We assume some people don’t like that others have more options than them.  

Fact: Again, Not All the Time

Since bisexual women have those options we spoke about, it’s not unheard of for a situation like that to happen. Women can leave their lesbian lovers for men they like more. However, the tables can definitely turn. Women can also leave their male lovers for another woman. This doesn’t really happen often since gay people manage their relationships better, but you can’t really go against your feelings. 

Both women and men can like who they like, and being bisexual gives them the opportunity to try everything out. We have to admit that having so many options does sound quite awesome.

We Are All Unique

At the end of the day, none of these things are set in stone. There are always exceptions to every rule, which is the case with bisexuality as well. 

Some of the fallacies may be true for some people, while facts can be false. That is because we’re all unique people, regardless of gender, our sexual preferences, identities, etc. Our sex or gender identity might be what makes someone attracted to us, but it’s our unique personalities that make them want to stick around.