Consider These Top Ten Tips Before Buying a Sex Swing

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Before you can start your lovemaking, you need to build and position the love swing. With a frame you build this first. In a model with a ceiling hook you hang the love swing in the device. Then you adjust the height, so that your love swing can be used optimally. Then it can already start.

The passive usually takes a seat on the love swing and hangs with his body in the loops or lies down on the sling mat. Even with a sling mat special foot straps can be used, by which the feet are held in the correct position.

If both partners have positioned themselves, anal, vaginal and oral sex is possible without great effort. Complicated dislocations are not necessary. The active partner determines the intensity. The passive partner also has the opportunity to intervene. A love swing can now be used with other sextoys. So it can be used dildos, vibrators or masturbators. Just do what you like.

Love swing for BDSM

The passive partner can also be tied to the love swing. This is especially possible in combination with a sling mat. Ankle cuffs are used instead of the leg loops. And also the hands can be fixed, for example, above the head with handcuffs. This kind of being abandoned is a special experience for the submissive. Also in various sex and scene clubs, studios or swinger clubs love swings are often to be found. Once there, you can also test it out to find out if you like the floating feeling during sex.

Quality of a love swing

The quality and Sex swing/sling safety depends mainly on the material used and on the processing. You should pay attention to the following criteria when buying a love swing:

Material: Whether leather, rubber, artificial leather or fabric belt, the more massive the love swing is, the more it will last. Leather and rubber are easier to wipe off than cloth, but sometimes they need a bit of care.

Resilience: love swings made of leather or rubber with commercial insert is very robust and usually has studio quality. Synthetic leather, however, can break faster.

Upholstery: The softer the love swing, the more comfortable it is for the passive partner. Also, the straps for the leg loops should be soft and soft to create a comfortable feel.

Locking: Is a ceiling hook necessary or is the door frame enough? Is the door frame suitable for the love swing at all? This should be clarified before buying the love swing.

Adjustability: Some love swings are fixed and therefore can not be adjusted in height. For especially small or large people, this can be problematic. Therefore, check before buying.

Design: You do not buy a love swing so often. Therefore she should like you too.

Play with Leg loops

The leg loops are an important criterion in the comfort of a love swing. If the legs are to be held up, the straps that hold the legs must also be particularly comfortable. There are two quality criteria for the leg loops: padding and widththe loops. The former is important so that the legs rest on a soft surface. This is much more pleasant than with loops without padding. The wider the loops are, the more the body weight can spread over the loops. Then the edges of the loops do not press concentrated on a small area of ??skin, but distribute the pressure on the support surface of the legs. This is much more pleasant. However, the quality is also a question of price. High-quality leg loops are not as cheap as the cheap straps.

Leg loops can usually be adjusted in length. This allows the position of the legs to be varied for different sex positions. Tip: the higher the legs are positioned, the higher the leg loop load.


For slings, there are numerous mounting accessories to attach the love swing to the ceiling. You can safely mount the swing with dowels, screws, hooks, chains and snap hooks. The majority of accessories you get in the hardware store.

In addition, you should hang stable steel springs between the ceiling mounting and the love swing. Thus, the sex feels softer during the up and down movement and thus more pleasant.

In addition, there are also loops for legs and arms for slings. But shackles are also conceivable that you can attach to the chains. Depending on what you are, the imagination knows no bounds.

Are love swings dangerous?

It has happened that couples have crashed with a love swing. For example, bruises on the coccyx may occur. The cause of such accidents is usually always a not properly mounted suspension on the ceiling. Also, the chains on which the love swing is hung, each should withstand a tensile force of 100kg.

Last, of course, the weight of the sex partner plays an important role. According to the manufacturers most love swings are up to 100kg loadable. Have a look at the article descriptions or ask the retailer or the respective erotic shop which weight the love swings can withstand.

Basically, a love swing holds only as much weight as the ceiling mount can withstand. You should therefore avoid hanging in the love swing at the same time as a couple. If you want to be on the safe side, put under the love swing a few big soft pillows or a thick soft mat. Then the risk of injury is minimal even in a crash. Psychology Today express the power of roleplaying and dressing up.

How do I clean my love swing?

A love swing is cleaned like a normal object with water and detergent. Especially on sling mats, sweat accumulates during use, which should be washed regularly by the mats. Some sling mats are made of rubber and should therefore be cleaned with a rubber or latex cleaner. The connections of the sling mats with the chains are usually made of stainless steel. You should make sure that you always dry these areas carefully.

Do you have to play at parties?

You cannot and must not play at any party. There are many different formats. Basically, only where play-party is on it is also play-party in it. In addition, the SM scene is not a swing club, despite all promiscuity defiance and even play parties have their own rules. You will never be forced to play unless you insist. Unchecked excavating is however frowned upon. Especially in the face of debauchery and naked facts charm is trump. This also applies to discretion. Even if couples play in public, this is not an invitation to participate, comment or touch. Using sex swing to show sexuality should be private and not for public consumption. Cum Swing With Me has a lot of sex swings to choose from.