First Time Use of Chastity Underwear: What To Expect?

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Many gorgeous ladies love chastity underwear, because they are true all-rounder! High-quality fabrics such as lace or silk flatter the skin with a touch of nothing, the perfect fit ensures a very special body feeling and optimally puts the female charms in the limelight and not least lingerie makes her wearer in a jiffy to the seduction artist and real femme fatale. Sexy lingerie makes men’s hearts beat faster and women benefit from a good body feeling in fine lingerie because a well-fitting bra pushes not only the breast, but above all the courage and self-confidence – and that’s what makes really attractive. These are magic for your love life and bring fresh wind into the bedroom, where you have the freedom to try wearing chastity objects scandalously for more heat!

At sex shops you will find a wide selection of seductive lingerie and hot lingerie for every taste and size. Whether bras, stockings,suspenders, corsets or negligees – they offers everything your heart desires. From XS to plus Size! We want to give all women and men the opportunity to enjoy noble lingerie and therefore you will find in our product range lingerie in large sizes and for all body shapes. Erotic underwear is available until XXXL and bras can be found from the AA cup to the J cup.

Our brands and quality promises

We always pay attention to the highest quality, very good workmanship and an excellent condition of the lingerie and take only lingerie of renowned brands in the range on. Stylish and subtle lingerie from different brand is a highlight for her and him as well as the perfect gift for any occasion and special luxury for your own well-being. Collection and Coquette lingerie are a bit louder, and the seductive lingerie of these brands features elaborate laces, straps, metal rings or wicked patent leather details, while the brand promises particularly stimulating luxuryBracli , who became known around the world overnight, when Samantha Jones from the series “Sex and the City” was given a precious pearl string of the brand and with it enjoyably climbed the stairs of the hotel.The Bracli lingerie is made with high quality beads from Manacor equipped, which stimulate intensively while running – sexy lingerie, jewelry and sex toy in one! provides for several chastity devices. There, you can find many kinds of chastity devices for men. Buy these if you want to chastise porn addicts.

The agony of choice: Lingerie in many variants

In addition to the basics, such as beautiful underwear sets of bra and panties, particularly sophisticated lingerie provide that certain something in the bedroom. The range of sexy lingerie is great. We give you an overview here:

Body’s: A seductive body caresses your curves skillfully and captivates with feminine charm. They are available with or without preformed cups, halternecks or even sleeves. It is particularly refined with open-bodysuits or bodysuits from the premium Bracli brand, which feature the brand’s stimulating pearls. Whether made of fine lace, wafer-thin mesh or frivolous latex – a body is a real eye-catcher. Surprise your darlings in a sexy one piece suit.

Catsuits & Bodystockings: Both catsuits and bodystockings are figure-hugging, full-body lingerie that clings to the body like a second skin. Bodystockings enclose the entire foot like tights, while catsuits stretch to the ankles. As the name suggests, they give their wearer a (predatory) feline appearance. They are available in patent optics, made of nylon, transparent mesh or fine lace – of course also available in large sizes.

Corsets: Corsets conjure up a dreamlike silhouette. This type of lingerie wraps around the upper body, raises the breast and forms the waist. Corsets or corsets are available with laces, hooks or zippers. This is particularly suitable for women who want to disappear a few cuddly on the belly or to transform into a diva. It is particularly refined with a waist bodice or underbust corset, which ends under the chest and seductively presents the breasts.

Nightwear: Always only sleep in a T-shirt? We have something better! Delicate negligees and shorts made of lace or silk offer a high wearing comfort for the night are sexy to look at and conjure every woman a good figure. Babydolls are especially girlish and feature playful elements such as bows or ruffles. The mini dresses in A-shape look particularly light and dreamy in chiffon fabric or silk. Also for the morning after brand offers the right thing: With a kimono or dressing gown as a wrap you start the day in style.

Stockings and Stockings: The classic underwear is seductive suspenders and garters to nylons. They exude sensuality and pure eroticism. Small clips or hooks hold the stockings and give a sexy overall picture. Especially in combination with bra, matching thong or panties and high heels, they are a real eye-catcher and on top of that stretch the leg visually.

Men love lingerie – to women!

But the men also benefit from beautiful underwear. You will also find a large selection of briefs, strings, boxer shorts and tops for men. From functional to extravagant everything is there. Especially popular are the products of Manstore and Olaf Benz. Comfortable fit and high quality materials ensure a comfortable fit throughout the day. Underwear in a transparent mesh look provides sexy insights. Ever heard of Jocks? Originally, the so-called jockstraps used in athletes to protect the male intimate area. Today they are suitable for everyday use. Jocks look like a classic men’s panty from the front, but they seductively open the buttocks and only two straps run underneath the buttocks to the jockstrap.

Sexy lingerie with that certain something

It is especially wicked in the bedroom with lingerie with wow effect. An erotic bustle instead of a bra shows for a change more than it covers – an incomparable sight. The breast is supported, but not covered. As the icing on the cake you can even wear special nipple jewelry. Equally frankly it literally becomes an overt, this special version of the sexy underwear has an opening at the crotch and allows intimate touches unhindered. It can therefore be retained during sex. Overts can be panties as well as thongs, bodysuits, catsuits or tights. For those who are looking for a taste, different brands offers a wide range of sexy lingerie made of lacquer or latex. The erotic materials sit like a second skin and convince with erotic feel and look. Especially sexy underwear with wet look inspires naughty fantasies and makes you want more.

Care tips: Wash lingerie properly

So that you have long pleasure in your pretty lingerie, you should pay a lot of attention when washing. Sexy underwear is usually made of fine materials that require particularly gentle cleansing. Basic rule: Lingerie made of silk, satin or lace should always be washed by hand to be on the safe side and it is essential to follow the care instructions on the label. If you prefer machine washing, you should stow your lingerie in a laundry net to protect the material and applications such as sanding, beads or sequins. Choose a gentle cycle, a low temperature and do without the tumble dryer. An absolute no-go is softener. He ensures that your laundry gets out of shape due to the frequently used spandex content. A professional tip at the end: lock your bras before you put them in the drawer, so that the hooks do not damage other items of laundry. The use of a chastity device was shared by someone using it in