Chastity Devices and Urethral Play

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What can happen in the first few days when you lock your cock up? If you are looking into the first-time use of chastity devices and what to expect, you’ll find the answers in this article! We’ll discuss the benefits and sensations you can get during chastity. Plus, if you want to take your chastity lifestyle to another level, then you would want to incorporate urethral sounding as well.

What Are the Reasons for Wearing Chastity Devices for Men? 

Firstly, chastity devices can limit sex in order to spice it up and improve it. Locking up a cock can be an incredibly kinky yet highly intimate experience. By caging your cock, you can actually gain a better understanding of your sexual freedom

Generally, many men in dom/sub relationships love to be locked up and to transfer control or ownership of their penis to their master or mistress. Even though chastity devices for men represent inescapability and captivity, their symbolism goes much deeper. Chastity play can sometimes span for months or even years. When men get into this space, they surrender themselves to their partner. 

What’s more, when the padlock gets shut, you won’t be able to cum. Any sort of sexual release through intercourse or masturbation is out of the question. This can be mentally stimulating. It can also lead to all sorts of tease and denial activities. For instance, many couples in keyholder/slave relationships practice forced chastity and orgasm denial.  

Even outside the world of BDSM, couples can use chastity cages or similar devices for various reasons. Both partners can use them to show their devotion and dedication to the relationship. Another benefit is that chastity can result in better and hotter sex. Men can use belts and cages to gain better control of their erections and ejaculation. It could be a great solution for guys who are struggling to please their partners and need training to last longer in bed.

Psychological Preparation for Wearing a Chastity Device for the First Time 

Even with all the benefits we discussed, wearing the device is not easy. On top of the fact that you will willingly give up your sexual needs, you’ll also have to adjust your behavior.

Newbies could easily become anxious, frustrated, or even angry in their first few days. You’ll need to prepare for the transition mentally. It’s also important to know that your first experience will not be comfortable and easy. There is an intense adjustment period. However, you can ease into it if you are in the right headspace. 

Overall, men are advised to establish mutual agreement and consent with their partners. Consider the reasons why you decided to opt for chastity. Do you want better power dynamics? You should discuss them with your partner/keyholder. Then, focus on those reasons in the first few hours or days of chastity. This will give your brain and cock the willpower to carry on!

Chastity Devices with Penis Plugs

One thing that can introduce additional fun into your chastity days is a urethral plug. This type of device is a favorite of many men who enjoy urethral play. 

Essentially, cock plugs are thin rods (stainless steel or silicone). They can be inserted into the urethral tube. Some can be attached to penis cages to ensure that there is no escape. They are a great addition to male chastity belts and cages. 

If you are trying to combine chastity with urethral play, it’s worth mentioning that penis plugs require some experience. Using them during your first moments in lockdown may be a bit too intense. Nevertheless, you could explore urethral play shortly after you get used to a cage. You can choose a cage or belt with a detachable penis plug for more convenience. You can take a look at the collections of as a point of reference, or you can purchase right away if you can’t wait to try one!

Additionally, there are various hollow types that allow you to urinate or even ejaculate through them once inserted. One of the best types for beginners are chastity cock rings with a plug. These will not lock up your entire penis. Rather, they will clench it at the base while plugging your pee hole. If urethral play is too intimidating, simply get a regular cock cage for beginners. Remember to pay attention to cage and ring sizes and measure yourself for a perfect fit.

The Feeling of Sounding for the First Time

Urethral sounding and insertions actually provide a good way to keep you occupied during captivity. A sounding rod or plug can distract you. It can even offer you an opportunity to train your body and mind. 

While you wait, the urethral sound could simultaneously give you unique feelings of abundance and inescapability. If the cage isn’t enough for you and you’re looking for additional psychological torture, definitely consider this fetish toy.

All in all, sounding is a way to stimulate the nerves in the urethral tube. However, if you use sounds during chastity, they can fully prevent you from ejaculating. They are incredibly efficient as sperm-stoppers. A cage with a penis plug can prevent you from escaping and take your submission to a higher level. It can also result in a unique feeling of restriction and a breach of privacy that can be mentally stimulating for male slaves. 

The Burning Sensation When Peeing

If you are planning on using urethral toys in chastity, please note that there is an adjustment period. Beginners could notice a mild burning or itching sensation while peeing. This could happen right after insertion or sounding. It’s possible that even advanced players could experience it. The burning is simply a side-effect of the activity, and it is only temporary. 

Sounding can put pressure on the urethral tube, and this can lead to burning sensations after removal. If you experience this symptom, know that it is only a natural side-effect. It will pass quickly. However, if the problem persists after five sessions, you should get a check-up. 

Proper Hygiene Before and After Sounding

To avoid any complications, always clean your toys before any type of insertion. For urethral rods, it’s possible to boil them after each use. Doing this for up to ten minutes will eliminate any bacteria. 

Additionally, it’s important to always use a lubricant during insertion. However, always use the right lube since some types could pose a risk. If you are trying any type of urethral play, a surgical or medical lubricant is the only option. Other types of lube for sex toys can lead to bacterial build-up. So use plenty of lube and try not to force anything during insertion. Lastly, store your plugs or rods in separate cases. 

Chastity lifestyle is a whole new level on its own, but incorporating a urethral plug? That is definitely going to take you beyond the pleasure that you are familiar with. There is also a lot of community on male chastity and partaking in them might help your experience.

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