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Almost all diseases can be cured. Typically, all treatments based on the use of medicines, and a certain category of women’s disease treated with conventional exercise. There is a certain set of uterine prolapsed.

Excessive load

Kegel breathing can actually help to cure different diseases with medical exercise. Just need to bring in the necessary tone muscles, and all the organs of their own return to the starting position. In addition to the above exercise, also does not hurt to engage in the gym to lift weights. After the exercise, you need to take a contrast shower.

A first embodiment of physiotherapy

You must be a knee – elbow position and do kick their feet up. Browsing is necessary to reach out your hands to toes. Browsing is necessary to try to deviate, so leaning on hands, bending the back and in parallel. The following exercise is performed lying on your back, one at a time to pull the legs to the chest, while the arms are parallel to the floor. Lying on your stomach you need to try to raise the legs as high as possible. In turn, it is performed raising the legs bent at the knees. The second option exercises. The initial position of the knee – elbow pose a simultaneous raising of the legs and arms, posture is delayed by 10 seconds.

Position, lying on his back

You need to tear off the floor two feet, knees bent, then straighten them, hold for 3 seconds and return to starting position. The initial position of sitting, both hands are placed to the sides of the body are made turns right and then left. Rocking the press is carried out in parallel with the raising of the torso; legs raised and get accustomed to the chest. Being in the knee – elbow position is necessary to lift the pelvis upward, and then straighten your legs. Apart from the above exercise is necessary to perform normal daily exercises.

Gymnastic exercises Kegel

The most common exercises that help to strengthen the vaginal wall – Kegel exercises. This complex is allowed to use in the period of gestation of the child, as well as after birth, uterine prolapsed and as preventive measures. These gymnastic exercises are not based on strong physical exertion. Woman turns to be tense and relax the muscles of the vagina. During retraction must stay in this position for a time of 10 to 40 seconds, and then relax slowly.

 If every day a few times you can do this exercise, there is a strengthening of intimate muscles that support the internal organs of the woman; there is an improvement of the uro-genital system, as well as blood circulation. Kegel exercises are very good that perform possibly anywhere. Buy Here for products used for kegel exercises. Kegel balls for your girlfriend can be bought here.

Yoga aforementioned diseases

Abdominal pressure varies throughout the day several times, such as heavy lifting moreover, the natural bodily functions to help evenly distribute the pressure on all areas of the body. Yoga for uterine prolapsed, helps maximize stabilize this fact, more than that increases the tone. The main goal of yoga is considered full ownership of the physiological and psychophysical processes of man, by means of various physical practices. The basic rule when using exercises, you need to fully immerse themselves in their own thoughts, to focus fully on the physical positions. The most important exercise for the treatment of abnormalities in the uterine prolapsed is considered a “semi-permanent on his shoulders.”

A woman needs to turn your torso so that the uterus has fallen into the exact position. In this position must be from about 5 to 8 minutes, 4 times a day. For beginners, it is allowed to be used in the initial stages as a support pillow or wall and another good posture which helps to strengthen the pelvic region – a “posture of the boat.”

Hold this position for a while, there is compression, which helps to lift the uterus to the desired level and keep it there. In order to speed up the process it is necessary to perform the exercise cervical compression, and the space around. You need to be alternated with long sharp compression squeezing, and for some time to hold their breath. Use Yoga for uterine prolapsed need a long time, as well as closely to practice for a couple of months. Strongly developed prolapsed in women, the longer the recovery phase.

The necessary equipment to carry out should be selected in consultation with experienced specialists as well as doing some exercise can only do harm. Yoga pelvic area will not only cure the disease, but also have a positive impact on the mental and emotional state of a woman, the most saves by a long depression, excessive irritability, saturate lots of positive energy. It is not necessary to focus on the fact that the performance of certain exercises is simply impossible. All wise stated that all possibilities of the human body simply does not have boundaries, you only need to completely get rid of their thoughts and fears.

Key recommendations

Before you start doing the exercises at the omission of the uterus is necessary to consult with a qualified professional. Kegel balls as adult toys can be harmful. In each case, there are certain contraindications, if you cannot perform the exercises. Before the start of physical therapy it is necessary to empty the bladder. During this procedure, it is possible to pass a little test. It is necessary for a couple of seconds to try to delay urination, and after that to continue. In this method, a woman can determine herself, which muscles need exercise. During these sessions, the woman should follow the breath; it will help you to perform all the exercises without straining other muscles. Every-Mother states the effects of kegels during pregnancy.

Everything is done at the same pace and constantly to achieve the desired result as the need to comply as soon as possible physical training twice a day. All therapeutic exercise should be done on an empty stomach. If women are a series of exercises is very difficult to perform, it is allowed to reduce the time of exercise. Constantly load should increase. Exercises that chair or table can be used to do while standing, as a support. In order to cure uterine prolapsed every woman will need a different time; all depends on the individual characteristics of women. As a rule, complex passage exercise lasts from 5 weeks to a year. Many of the exercises at first may not be obtained, moreover can cause discomfort. Gradually, when properly executed, the positive results are beginning to show.