Kegel Exercise Benefits During Pregnancy

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What are some of the primary Kegel exercise benefits during pregnancy? Should all pregnant ladies try them, and what are some things to watch out for? Find out in our guide on kegel exercises during pregnancy!

Preparing to Be Healthy All Throughout Pregnancy Is Important 

Most pregnant women and couples are always advised to go through some form of counseling before and during pregnancy. It is crucial to have frequent checkups and consider your health a priority. On top of your future child’s health, it’s vital to take care of yourself and your body. 

During the whole process of pregnancy, the female body experiences a significant degree of stress. It can occur on both physical and mental levels. Many women believe the experience is quite painful and inconvenient. While that is undoubtedly true, some remedies can make life a bit easier. For instance, performing Kegels frequently is highly effective.

All in all, while you can practice Kegels at any time, they are recommended in all phases of pregnancy. Kegel exercises provide many benefits, including improved strength, control, and endurance. They can also help with some health issues that could arise from pregnancy. Plus, the best thing about them is that any woman can try them at home. It’s easy to fit them into a busy everyday routine!

Why Having Strong Pelvic Muscles When Giving Birth Is Important 

Since labor involves pushing the newborn through the pelvis, it can be challenging. Women have to stretch those muscles to a previously unthinkable size. That is why you should focus on the pelvic muscles if you intend to get pregnant. And apart from the fact that pelvic muscles are essential for vaginal delivery, they also perform some key bodily functions. 

Namely, those muscles can keep the uterus, bladder, and even the rectum in their correct positions. During pregnancy, you may experience issues with those organs. But with trained and firm pelvic floor muscles, that risk will be diminished. What’s more, strengthening the muscles will also allow you to stretch much easier during labor. If the pelvis is strong, vaginal birth will go smoothly, and the pain will be minimized. 

Benefits of Kegel Exercise 

Generally, Kegel exercises can offer many benefits that will boost your physical as well as mental well-being. Experts advise that women should try Kegels even if they are not pregnant to strengthen the vaginal wall. Frequent exercises can lead to improved sexual experiences, for instance. If you are a man, kegel exercises also offer many advantages. Some of these entail stronger ejaculation and harder erections.

However, when it comes to pregnancy, we’ve already outlined some of the issues that can arise from it. Primarily, with kegel exercises, you can prepare your body for the tough labor process. One of the first things that Kegels can do is strengthen the pelvic organs. That will eliminate the risks of pelvic organ prolapse and provide support. 

Doctors also recommend Kegels because they can strengthen the bladder as well as the rectal muscles. That way, they can help with bladder control before and during delivery. That is quite an inconvenient issue that can impact women even after pregnancy. Also, Kegels can give you enhanced control if you are prone to conditions such as urinary incontinence. 

The same can be said for fecal incontinence. If you do frequent pelvic organ exercises, you will gain better rectal muscle support. Lastly, Kegels can help you restore your natural lubrication and improve your post-partum sex life.

Kegel Exercise Process 

It’s incredibly easy to learn these exercises. They are quick, convenient, and few things can go wrong. 

But, if you have never attempted them, it’s vital to memorize some of the essential steps. Beginners can often make the mistake of trying too hard while contracting and relaxing. 

In severe cases, that could cause bladder or kidney issues as well as excessive vaginal tightness. Additionally, Kegels may end up pushing some bacteria into the vagina. Because of that, always make sure that you are clean during the pelvic floor exercises. Fortunately, if you are careful and follow the instructions, Kegels will be a fun and incredibly useful experience. 

For successful Kegels, you can start with a few deep breaths. The trick is to relax the pelvic muscles while breathing in. Then, you can contract those muscles as you exhale. Beginners should try to hold their muscles for three to six seconds before releasing the contraction. The next essential step is to relax fully for the next six to ten seconds. After that, you can repeat this step. Experts advise that you should do that ten times in a row. If you feel any difficulty or discomfort, stop. Over time, the muscles will get used to frequent Kegel exercises. You can repeat the process several times a day. 

How to Use Kegel Balls/Yoni Eggs to Improve Kegel Exercise 

The use of Kegel exercise weights, balls, and Yoni eggs is quite common for many women. It’s most effective for those who frequently try those exercises without success. You are supposed to insert and wear those weights for more extended periods. Their purpose is to strengthen the pelvic floor even further. 

Kegel balls and Yoni Eggs can be quite intense. Once inserted, the vagina will contract around them. If you wear them for too long, the vagina will never get any release from contractions. 

Some pregnant women who are struggling to stretch their pelvic muscles correctly could benefit from using those products. However, there are many variants on the market. Pregnant women should consult their doctor first. That way, they’ll know if eggs or additional weights are genuinely needed. Most doctors advise against using Kegel exercise devices during pregnancy, but they encourage their use before conception. Buy Here if  you think you are ready to take your kegel exercises to another level by using kegel balls and yoni eggs. Yoni eggs and Kegel balls for your girlfriend as gifts is a great idea. 

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, there are many advantages to these incredibly easy and useful exercises. Aside from helping your body stay strong, they can also make you feel mentally prepared for the beautiful miracle of childbirth! So try out some Kegels today and have fun!